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Sl.No. Author Details Year Link
1 Cap. Dr. Linu M K ‘Nostalgia in Kunal Basu’s The Japanese Wife’. New Trends in Indian English Literature, Prestige Books International. 2014 ISBN 978-93-82186-51-9.
2 Cap. Dr. Linu M K ‘Translating Aesthetics from Fiction to Screen: A Case Study of Chemmeen’. Re-‘tracking’ the Celluloid: History, Politics and Popular Culture in Films, 2014 ISBN 978-81-928481-0-5
3 Cap. Dr. Linu M K New Ways in Psychoanalysis’. Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches, Special Issue 2 Vol 3. 2017 ISSN 2349-8684
4 Cap. Dr. Linu M K ‘Technology Poems and Poems in the Age of Technology’. People First? Man, Machine and Milieu: An Anthology of Research Papers in Humanities,. 2019 ISBN 978-93-5346-012-9.
5 Fasila k Double Colonization : A study of post colonial feminism on Sally Morgan’s “ My Place” Roots international journal of multi researches, Special Issue Vol 3 2017 ISSN 2349- 8684
6 Fasila K Locatin,Dislocation and Relocation : Quest for identity in Kiran Desai ‘s “ The Inheritance of Loss” Roots international journal of multi Researches, special issue, Vol 3 2017 ISSN 2349-8684
7 Fasila K “Can the Subaltern Speak ’ a retrospection of women in Shakespeare ‘s plays . RJELAL KY publication 2017 ISSN 2395-2636
8 Fasila K ‘ Quest for feminine identity in Margaret Laurence’s ´The Diviners’ IJELLH 2017 ISSN 2321-7065
9 Fasila K ‘A Handbook of Linguistics’ Akinik Publishers private limited 2017 ISBN 9789385895913
10 Fasila K ‘Identity crisis in multi cultural Canada : A study on Austin Clarkes “ Canadian Experience” The Investigator “ 2018 ISSN 2454-3314
11 Fasila K ‘Introduction to Linguistics’ Inseed Books 2021 ISBN 9789392094002
12 Jeseera K ? ‘Female conscience : A Study of Upstairs Wife'. International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, Special Issue 6 Vol 311 2018 ISSN -2321 – 7065
13 Jeseera K ? ‘Multicultural Identity : A Study of Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age ‘. The Investigator Vol 4. 2018 ISSN 2454 - 3314
14 Muhammed Saleem P M “Paranoia as a Postmodern Condition in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Galaxy International Multidisciplinary Journal. 2014 ISSN 2278-9529
15 Muhammed Saleem P M “Malayalam Dalit Short Story: Coming Of Age,” IJELLH, Volume III, Issue IX, January 2015, 2015 ISSN 2321-7065
16 Muhammed Saleem P M “Towards a Posthuman Understanding of Nature: A Reading of Aathi” in IJELLH Volume 6, Issue 12, December 2018 2018
17 Muhammed Saleem PM Introduction to Malayalam Dalit Short Story: A Study of the Select Works of C. Ayyappan, Notion Press, 2019. 2019 ISBN: 9781646781898.
18 Dr. Sabita Shankunni Transgressing Boundaries: A Study of Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises in the journal The Investigator ISSN 2454-3314 2017 ISSN 2454-3314
19 Dr. Sabita Shankunni ‘The Female Psyche as Represented in the Novel Afterwards by Jaishree Misra Volume II, Issue IV in the journal IJELLH, ISSN 2321-7065. 2014 ISSN 2321-7065.
20 Dr. Sabita Shankunni Language Learning and Society : An Analysis of the Character Shashi in the movie English Vinglish, in the journal ELTIF (English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum. 2015 ISSN 2230-7710.
21 Dr. Sabita Shankunni Female Psyche and Subjectivity as Depicted in the Selected Works of Anita Nair and Jaishree Misra’, in the journal Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches 2017 ISSN 2349-8684
22 Dr. Sabita Shankunni ‘Masculinity and Femininity : Two Facets of Indian Society’, IJEELH, Volume6, Issue11 2018 ISSN-2321-7065
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1 2022 Ayashath Mujaida Minor Management Sex Education and Students Completed