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Ostendo-Arts, Science and Cultural Mega Exhibition

Ostendo is the Arts, Science, and cultural exhibition platform that conducts mega exhibitions every two years, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. During these exhibitions, all departments in the college exhibit items related to their respective subjects and interests. These events are open to students from neighboring colleges, schools, and the general public, who actively participate and engage with the exhibits. In addition to the exhibitions, several cultural programs featuring popular celebrities from Kerala are conducted in the evenings and at night. These programs add a vibrant cultural dimension to the event and enhance the overall experience. The Ostendo exhibition fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and a deeper appreciation for both the arts and the sciences. It also serves as a valuable opportunity for the college to connect with the community, sharing knowledge, inspiration, and celebrating human ingenuity. Ostendo's Arts, Science, and cultural exhibitions are engaging and interdisciplinary events that highlight the creative and intellectual talents of students and faculty across various academic disciplines. These exhibitions encompass a diverse range of exhibits, displays, and presentations, including artworks, scientific research projects, academic posters, live performances, and displays of entrepreneurial projects, all aimed at promoting creativity and knowledge-sharing.