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International Film Festival of Sir Syed (IFFS)

A Cinematic Odyssey Continues with the 3rd Edition. Steeped in the legacy of cinematic excellence, International Film Festival of Sir Syed (IFFS) has grown from its inaugural edition in 2016 to become a prominent cultural event. The debut festival, a three-day celluloid treat, featured an array of 25 films spanning diverse categories, drawing an enthusiastic audience from both the campus and beyond. Renowned filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta graced the opening ceremony as the chief guest, setting the stage for a memorable cinematic experience. The festival, a debut attempt, garnered praise for its selection of films and its tribute to Indian cinema masters. Named after iconic figures such as Ray, Ghatak, and John, the festival's three theaters paid homage to the luminaries who shaped Indian cinema. Notable personalities like Premendra Mazumdar, director Farook Abdul Rahiman, and film actors Ramesh Parbakar and Nikhila Vimal added star power to the event, engaging with the audience in various sessions. The success of the first edition paved the way for the second edition in 2018, featuring an impressive lineup and distinguished guests like Janab K Abdul Kadher and Beena Paul. The inauguration witnessed the release of a signature film, the festival book, and kits, further establishing IFFS as a significant cinematic event. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the 3rd edition of IFFS, the excitement is palpable. The festival has become a hallmark of cinematic celebration, showcasing global films and fostering a deep appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Stay tuned for another immersive experience, as we continue to explore the world of cinema at the International Film Festival of Sir Syed (IFFS).