Sir Syed College
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The Sir Syed College

Sir Syed College, was established in 1967 by a handful of educational visionaries of Kannur under CDMEA (Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association) with a vision to impart moral and liberal education to the public, especially socio politically backward minority communities of North Malabar region. The college, named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University, was started in 1967 as a junior college under the University of Kerala. It came under the University of Calicut in 1968 and under Kannur University in 1996. The institution was re-accredited by NAAC with A grade in 2017. Today Sir Syed College is one of the biggest post graduate institutions under Kannur University. The college at present offers Undergraduate programmes in Botany, Chemistry, Forestry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology, Arabic, Economics, Functional English, History, Malayalam, Commerce and Multimedia and Communication; Post Graduate Programmes in Arabic, Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Commerce. Apart from that the departments of Botany, Chemistry and Commerce are research centers as well.

The college has a strength of 2219 students, 76 Faculty Members and 36 non teaching staff. Thirty of the Faculties are Ph.D holders and 20 have M.Phil degrees. There are 19 research guides attached to the research departments of Chemistry and Botany and 29 Research Scholars are working under them. 32 scholars have been awarded Ph.D from these research centres so far (19 Botany, 9 Chemistry and 4 Hindi). Many Faculties are engaged in minor and major research projects funded by various agencies. The members of the faculty have contributed extensively to literature in their respective fields. 53 books have been published by the faculties out of which one has attained national award. About 500 research papers of faculties and students have been published in various international and national journals. The Publication division of the college publishes the research journal, SEARCH. The college boasts of an extensive library with 42781 books, 80 journals and INFLIBNET facility. The other facilities offered by the college include Sir Syed IT Centre, UGC aided Coaching Centre, Career Guidance and Counselling Cell, Photostat Centre, Gymnasium, Health Club, Sports Pavilion, Ladies Retreat room etc. There are separate hostels for men and women and an indoor stadium funded by UGC with four courts. An ambitious project of the institution, the PG and Research block as GOLDEN JUBILEE BUILDING with four floors, is under construction.

The students are provided ample opportunities for co-curricular and extra curricular activities through National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme and different clubs like Language Club, Farm Club, Forestry Club, Hindi Club. ED Club, Film Club, Music Club, Tourism Club, Literary Club, Media Club Cultural Forum, Arts Forum, Science Forum etc. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Tutorial Scheme, Grievance Redressal Cell, Parent Teachers Association, College Co-Operative Society etc. ensure that the students get an ideal environment congenial to bring out the best in them. The college office ensures that the maximum number of students get scholarships and endowments. Presently more than half of the students are enjoying the benefits of different scholarships and endowments.

Hortus Sir Syedicus, the district medicinal plants demonstration garden developed by the Garden Club and NSS with the financial aid of State Medicinal Plants Board is one of a kind under the Kannur University. Sir Syed College is a front runner in academics with the maximum number of students becoming toppers year after year. The college has also left its mark on account of its envious success, excellent performance and participation in the arts festivals and many a time students from this institution have represented the University and State at sports meets across the country.

The institution is extremely proud that in its 56 years of glorious existence it has stood true to its mission of changing the social fabric of North Malabar region. The role played by Sir Syed College is undeniable and pivotal in the cultural, political, economic and social mapping and development of the region.

56 Years of Excellence in Education

  • Finest management by CDMEA
  • Located in the serene hillock of Taliparamba township
  • 14 UG, 5 PG and 4 Research programmes
  • Well equipped & automated central library Funded by RUSA
  • MP Funded Sir Syed Informatics Centre
  • Smart Class Rooms
  • Motivated and Erudite Faculties
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure Facilities
  • Well Placed Alumni
  • Academic Excellence with University Ranks Every Year
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Centralised Instrumentation Facility (CIF)-GCMS, FTIR, Stereo Microscope etc.
  • Add On Courses
  • Automated Weather Station
  • MoU with Premier Institutes
  • Botanical Garden and Herbarium
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Seminar Halls with Audio-Visual Facilities
  • Vast Playground and Courts
  • Audio Visual Theatre (AVT)
  • Auditorium with 2500 Seating Capacity
  • Wi-fi Enabled Campus
  • IT Centre
  • Indoor Stadium
  • Multi Gymnasium
  • Hostels for Girls and Boys
  • SAFE-Lend a Hand
  • LASS-Women Empowerment
  • Fully Computerized Office Administration
  • NCC, NSS, Clubs and Forums
  • Various Scholarships & Endowments
  • Career and Counselling Centre
  • Cafeteria
  • Cooperative Store
  • The legacy of excellence since 1967
  • Re-accredited by NAAC with A Grade
  • NIRF Ranked (101-150) institution
  • DST-FIST Sponsored Science Departments
  • Recognised Research Centres
  • Produced 32 Ph.Ds
  • Won Kerala State Vanamithra Award-2022
  • IDis - Intellectual Discourse
  • Doctrina - International Webinar Series
  • Ostendo - Biennial Mega Exhibition
  • Sneha Bhavan-Home for Homeless
  • Scholars-In-Residence Programme
  • Job Fair and Mass Campus Recruitment
  • Organic Farming
  • CESAC-Environmental Consultancy
  • IFFS (International Film Festival of Sir Syed)
  • Socially Committed Alumni Programmes

Academic Chronicle of the College

Year Course Year Course
1967 Pre Degree Courses 1969 B.Sc Maths, B.Sc Zool , B.A Hist, B.Com.
1974 B.Sc Botany 1979 B.A Arabic
1980 M.Com., B.Sc Chemistry 1981 B.Sc Statistics
1982 B.Sc Physics 1984 M.Sc Botany
1993 B.A Economics 1995 M.Sc Physics
1998 B.A Functional English 1999 B.Sc Forestry
2001 M.Sc Chemistry 2004 Ph.D in Botany
2006 Ph.D. in Chemistry 2013 M.A Arabic, B.A Malayalam
2020 B.M.M.C. 2023 Ph.D. in Commerce , Ph.D. in Physics

Golden Jubilee

Sir Syed College in Taliparamba is on the cusp of celebrating a momentous occasion - its Golden Jubilee. This milestone represents 50 years of dedicated service to education and the community. The Golden Jubilee Programme is a special series of events and activities planned to commemorate this significant achievement. The Golden Jubilee Programme will kick off with an impressive inaugural ceremony. Distinguished guests, alumni, faculty, and students will come together to mark this historic occasion. An integral part of the celebration is reuniting with the alumni who have been a part of the institution's journey. It's a time to reminisce, share experiences, and rekindle old friendships. The program includes a mix of cultural events, academic seminars, and workshops that reflect the college's commitment to both education and cultural enrichment. As a part of its social responsibility, the college will engage in community service activities, demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact beyond the campus. Outstanding alumni, faculty, and staff members who have contributed significantly to the college's growth will be recognized and honored during this celebration. An exhibition showcasing the history and growth of the college, with memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts, will be on display. A special publication commemorating the college's journey and achievements over the past 50 years will be released. The Golden Jubilee Programme is not just a celebration of the institution's past but also a vision for the future. It is a testament to the enduring values of education, community, and service that have been the college's guiding principles for five decades. The celebration highlights the college's commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering innovation, and contributing to the betterment of society. Sir Syed College, Taliparamba, has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of generations of students and has contributed significantly to the intellectual and cultural landscape of the region. The Golden Jubilee Programme is an opportunity to express gratitude to all who have been a part of this remarkable journey and to inspire a continued commitment to excellence in education and community service.

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the college, a total of fifty different programs were conducted. The Golden Jubilee Logo was officially unveiled by the founder President of CDMEA, Justice V. Khalid Sahib, and the Golden Jubilee office was inaugurated by Mahamood Allamkulam, Chairman of Taliparamba Municipality. The grand inauguration of the Golden Jubilee was presided over by Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala.

Some of the selected programs and events during the Golden Jubilee celebration included:

Some of the selected programs and events during the Golden Jubilee celebration included:

  • Golden Jubilee Celebrations - Campus Promotion Program (June 5)
  • Official Launch of Jubilee Program
  • Koottayottam
  • CDMEA Awards Distribution
  • Reminiscence - College Profile Video & CDMEA History - Safalayathra
  • Justice Khalid Sahib - Golden Jubilee Band Team
  • Department-Level Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, and Lecture Series
  • Discussions on 'IDis & Doctrina'
  • Kannur Muslims - Present and Past: Three-Day Seminar
  • Sir Syed Day - Dr. P.A. Fazal Gafore
  • GST Seminar - Sunil Kumar
  • Kerala Science Congress
  • Official Malayalam Day Program
  • Three-Day History Conference
  • Navodhana Keralam - Puthuvarthanagal
  • Other Academic Programs
  • NSS & NCC Special Camp
  • Intercollegiate NSS Residential Leadership Camp
  • PTA Activities - Golden Jubilee Podium/Awards
  • Aralam Program - Extension
  • Senhasparsham - Home for Homeless Project
  • Golden Jubilee Bus Stops (Two)
  • Career Corners at Other Schools
  • Two wheelers Donations for Specially abled students

These programs aimed to commemorate the college's fifty years of excellence and heritage. The diverse range of activities and events showcased the institution's rich history and the contributions of various individuals and organizations. The Golden Jubilee was a momentous occasion for the college and its community.


  • To inspire the students to generate and disseminate new knowledge and to contribute constructively in the field of research.
  • To emerge as an epic center of groundbreaking findings, with thrust given on research especially in areas of social utility.
  • To motivate the students to bring out their creative potential and to nurture the spirit of critical thinking along with equipping them with the skills needed to adapt better to the changing global scenario.
  • To constantly strive for a value-based holistic learning by integrating traditional and innovative learning practices to match the highest quality standards.
  • To stress practical application of knowledge, attitudes and skills as well as to sensitize and engage students in issues of gender equality, human rights and ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens.
  • To ensure inclusive education by making it accessible to all sections of society.
  • To develop a sense of unity in all areas of knowledge


To uplift educationally, socially & economically underprivileged sections of the society of north Malabar region and to mold the society which is able to contribute to the national integration by providing affordable quality education while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution at par with the leaders of higher education



Strive for excellence in education and research and prepare young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills, and sensitivity

Our Motto

Rabbi Zidni Ilma

“O my Lord! Advance me in knowledge” - The Qur-an
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(Founder, Aligarh Muslim University)

The blessed hands and real inspiration behind our success journey


In the name of The God,
Most Gracious Most Merciful
Praise be to The God, Lord of the Worlds:
Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
Master of the Day of Judgement
Thee alone we worship,
Thee alone we ask for help.
Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those on whom
Thou has been gracious,
Not of those who have incurred
Thy displeasure,
Nor of those who have gone astray.

- Holy Qur-an