Sir Syed College
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Employees Co- operative society

Sir Syed College Employees Co-operative Society Ltd (Registration No. C 1068) was established on 25-08-1989 and commenced operations on 23-10-1989. The society currently boasts 103 members, as per the audit report of 31-03-23. Its jurisdiction is limited to employees within Sir Syed College Taliparamba.

The society offers various deposit options, including fixed deposits, RD (Kalpaka), thrift, and savings accounts. Members can avail loans up to 30 times their basic pay or Rs. 300,000/-, or 100 times the value of shares held by them, whichever is lesser.

It serves as a valuable financial institution for the employees of Sir Syed College, providing a range of deposit and loan services tailored to their needs.