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AV Theatre

AV Theater

An audio-visual theatre funded by RUSA serves as the central theatre complex with a variety of functions. The theatre has a seating capacity of 175 and plays a crucial role in facilitating the new-generation course called BMMC (Bachelor of Multimedia and Communications), where a theatre is a mandatory requirement. Additionally, students from other disciplines, such as Functional English and B.A. History, benefit from film studies as part of their curriculum. The primary objective is to develop the audio-visual theatre as a cultural center and a mini-theatre that offers exposure to students from various subjects through the presentation of the latest cultural programs. This facility will be extensively utilized by undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students, and faculty members. Furthermore, external organizations, primarily academic institutions, can access this facility on a chargeable basis. The theatre will also be used to organize short-term courses and workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques. This facility represents a significant commitment to preserving and enhancing the efficiency of the student community to meet international standards. A future endeavor is to make this facility available to other academic and research institutions, industries, and organizations in the vicinity.