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Human Rights Awareness Forum

Human Rights awareness Forum is a platform to craft a value-based way of life for students by making them able to conserve their own rights in society and create a strong understanding that violation or denial of anyone’s rights is an injustice to national integration. It helps to create awareness among students on promotion of Human Rights and fundamental freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language



Human Rights awareness forum aims to educate people about their rights and help those who are deprived of it.



Promoting the human rights for all


  • Awareness of people, especially students and staff of the college regarding their rights- they will learn about their rights and duties towards the society and how to raise voice if any of the rights are violated.
  • To study the philosophical and cultural places and historical perspective on human rights.
  • To keep the interests of disempowered communities foremost in all dealings with countries in which human rights violations occur.
  • To help stop legal, social and economic discrimination against people and their exploitation in different ways.
  • To cooperate to avoid compromising on human rights for economic or political expediency.
  • To encourage research studies concerning the relationship between Human Rights and Duties
  • Education and International Humanitarian Law.

Details of the Convener

Assistant Professor in Arabic language and literature

Mob: 8848317894