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Application for U.G. admission is through Kannur University centralized online platform. Those who seek admission in Muslim/ Management/ Sports quota should submit the printout of the online application with supporting documents. Candidates who have passed plus two or equivalent examinations recognized by the Kannur University are eligible for UG admission. For registration and details visit Uniform is compulsory for all UG students on all working days.

  • Application for P.G. admission is through Kannur University centralized online platform. Those who seek admission in Muslim/ Management/ Sports quota should submit the printout of the online application with supporting documents. Candidates who have completed graduation are eligible for P. G admission. For registration and details visit
  • A rank list will be published by the University online.
  • Applicants who are provisionally selected for admission shall be enrolled only when they produce all the certificates mentioned in the prospectus and pay the first term fee. Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning reason thereof.
  • Any candidate who is found to have secured admission by false representation will be sent away and the fee paid by him/her shall be forfeited.

Collection of Fee

  • The tuition fee can be paid in two installments on the days noted in the calendar. This may also be remitted in lump sum in advance.
  • The special fee, caution deposit etc. should be paid along with the first installment of tuition fee on the day of admission. Students of senior classes should remit the same within seven days from the re-opening of the College.
  • If any student fails to pay the fee on the due date, he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- along with the fee on or before the 10th day after the due date. If the 10th day happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be reckoned as the 10th day.
  • If the fee and fine are not paid within the last opportunity, the name of the student will be removed from the rolls of the College. He/she will not be eligible for attendance until he/she is re-admitted. If he /she is to be re-admitted he /she has to apply for the special permission of the Principal and remit Rs.50/- as re-admission fee.
  • Full fee concession is granted to students belonging to the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other eligible communities. Students belonging to other backward communities and forward castes shall produce necessary Income, Nativity and Community Certificates at the time of admission.
  • Other Backward Community students who leave the College during the middle of the academic year are not eligible for fee concession and they have to pay all fees due at the time of their leaving.
  • Students from other Universities shall pay the matriculation and recognition fee at the time of admission and apply for recognition of the qualifying examination.

Transfer Certificate

  • Application for Transfer Certificate should be made in the prescribed form at least two days in advance.
  • Conduct Certificate will be issued only along with the Transfer Certificate when the student has completed the course.
  • A late fee of Rs.55/- will be collected from those who apply for T.C. after one year of his / her leaving the College. The date of leaving the College will ordinarily be the last day he/ she attended the College.
  • A fine of Rs.100/- will have to be paid for the issue of duplicate T.C.
  • Duplicate T.C. will be issued only on the production of an affidavit signed before a First Class Judicial Magistrate.

Caution Deposit

  • The caution deposit will be refunded to the students only after the completion of the course or when the students leave the institution. They should produce the original receipt issued at the time of admission.
  • All claims for refund of caution deposit shall be preferred before the re- opening date of the next academic year. After this time limit the names of those who have not claimed the deposit will be published in the dailies and if the claim for refund is not preferred within two months from the date of publication, the whole amount due to the student shall be permanently forfeited and the same will be remitted to the Government.

Attendance and Leave

  • Every student shall put in a minimum attendance of 75% of term days.
  • Students are not permitted to be absent from classes without leave. Leave applications should be submitted to the Principal in advance through the class Tutor/ Head of the Department.
  • Percentage of attendance is calculated on the basis of hours attended.
  • Applications for leave on medical grounds shall be submitted with a medical certificate.
  • A student who is absent from the College with or without leave for more than five consecutive working days shall report to the Principal before attending any class.
  • If a student is absent from the College for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.
  • Promotion to the higher class/next semester and the eligibility to write University Examination shall be subjected to the following conditions:
    a) The student should have earned at least three fourth of the attendance prescribed by the College for the course during the semester.
    b) He/she should have completed the course to the satisfaction of the College authorities and his/her progress, conduct and character should have been satisfactory.
  • tudents seeking exemption from the rules related to minimum attendance shall apply for exemption to the University. The reason for each day’s absence is to be explained. In the case of absence on account of illness, a medical certificate has also to be furnished.
  • The semester certificate of attendance required by the University for University Examinations will not be granted unless the Principal is satisfied that the student’s conduct and progress have been satisfactory and the student has attended the classes in three fourth of the working days in the academic semester. Students may also note that unless they register for the University Examinations, they will not be eligible for promotion to higher classes. Students who want to participate in extracurricular and curricular activities will not be granted grace attendance unless they obtain prior written permission from the Principal. Applications for such permission shall be recommended by the teachers concerned. No application for exemption will be recommended by the Principal unless he is satisfied that the shortage of attendance was beyond the student’s control. In no case will exemption be granted to the same student for more than 2 times in a course.

Character and Conduct

  • Conduct Certificate will not be issued as a matter of course. It has to be earned by the student’s good conduct and behavior. The decision of the Principal shall be final regarding this matter.
  • Students shall greet both teaching and non teaching staff on the occasion of their first meeting during the day.
  • When the Principal or teacher enters a classroom, students shall stand and greet and keep standing till they are asked to sit down.
  • Students should be seated in their respective classrooms before the teaching hour commences.
  • Students should be seated in their respective classrooms by 9.25 AM and should not leave the classes except during intervals.
  • When a student wants to enter or leave the classroom while the class is on, he/she shall do so only after getting the permission of the teacher.
  • During the absence of the teacher and while moving from one class to another, students should keep silent.
  • Students shall not loiter on the verandas or college premises during working hours for any reason whatsoever.
  • Students are advised to use the library during free periods.
  • Students shall not enter any class other than their own.
  • No indecent representation shall be made by any student towards any other students either in words, letters, gestures or by any other means.
  • Videography and photography that discredits the College is prohibited.
  • Adventurous Jeep/car/bike racing are banned in the campus.

Disciplinary Rules

Students are hereby instructed to strictly follow the disciplinary rules of the college. Ignorance of rules is no excuse. Students are expected to read the notice board on a day to day basis. It is the duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and conduct himself/herself with decency and decorum. Violation of the rules will result in disciplinary action against the offenders and imposition of punishment including dismissal.

Identity Cards Compulsary

All students admitted to the college shall compulsorily wear their identity cards whenever they are present on the college campus. All payments, issue of certificates, mark lists etc. will be made only on production of the identity card. The identity card shall be surrendered to the office at the time of claiming the refund of caution deposit or issuing of Transfer Certificate/Qualifying Certificate whichever is earlier. Identity Card is valid for one year only.

Mandatory Dress Code

UG students should wear uniforms prescribed by the college authorities. Transparent and exposing clothes, T shirts are to be avoided. Boys shall not tuck their dhoti up while they are on the campus. Students should not cover their face and should reveal their identity while they are on the campus.

Outsiders Not Permitted

Outsiders are not permitted to meet any of the staff or students on the college campus without the permission of the principal. Students shall not bring any outsider except the parent/guardian to the college premises for any purpose whatsoever without the permission of the principal.

Other Rules and Regulations

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited on campus. Students shall not use or bring tobacco or its products, intoxicating drinks or narcotic substances to the college.
  • Students shall not go on tour or picnic or excursion without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Prior written permission of the Principal is necessary for organizing processions, meetings, entertainment programmes, functions in the college for collecting funds from the students/staff and for distributing notice or putting up any notice on the notice board.
  • Students shall not cause any loss or damage to the college property. Intentional causing of loss or damage will be considered a serious misconduct. The offenders will be penalized for the same and will be liable for recovery of the loss.
  • Students shall not write or make any marks on the walls or any part of the college property. If found guilty, they are liable to be punished and the expenses for the repair work will be recovered from the offenders.
  • A student who has any complaint against any other students, teaching staff or non teaching staff shall represent the same either in writing or orally to the Tutor, HoD, Grievance Redressal Cell and Discipline Committee or to the Principal directly. Such representations can be made by the parents/ guardians of the students also.

Misconduct and Disciplinary Action

  • Students are bound to obey the directions issued from time to time by the Principal, teachers and the authorities. Disobedience to such directions would amount to serious misconduct.
  • Any student, who is found to have behaved himself/herself in any indecent or disorderly manner inside or outside the classroom on the college premises is liable to be punished as deemed fit by the Principal.
  • A teacher may send a student out of the class if the student misbehaves in the class. If any student is sent out of the class, the teacher and the student shall report the matter to the Principal.
  • The Principal shall have the power to inflict punishments such as imposing fine, cancellation of attendance, withholding the term certificate, forfeiting educational concession and scholarship, suspension, compulsory issue of TC without the application from the student or guardian and expulsion from the college.

Ragging: A Serious Criminal Offense

Students shall not indulge in ragging or in any other activities causing harassment or difficulties to the fellow students in the college. Any student involved in ragging will be expelled from the college and have to face penal proceedings in accordance with the provisions in the Ragging Prohibition Act of the Govt. of Kerala.