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Centralized Instrumentation Facility

Centralized Instrumentation Facilities (CIF) in a college refer to dedicated centers or labs equipped with a wide range of advanced scientific and research instruments funded by various organizations, including DST-FIST, UGC, BRNS, KSCSTE, and other funding agencies. These facilities are established to support various academic disciplines and research activities within the institution. They provide students and researchers with access to sophisticated equipment and tools that might be otherwise expensive or inaccessible. Centralized Instrumentation Facilities play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of research, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and promoting innovation within the college. These facilities often include instruments for various scientific fields, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering, enabling students and faculty to conduct experiments, analyze data, and advance their academic and research pursuits. Some important instruments available at the CIF include GC-MS, FTIR, Leica M-80 Stereo microscope, Spectrophotometer, Oxygen Electrode, and more. These instruments are located at the CIF in the Post Graduate and Research block.