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Doctrina- National and International Webinar Series

Doctrina, the intellectual platform for fostering the knowledge of erudite scholars throughout the world in the online platform. The webinar series conducted by the college during the COVID-19 pandemic was a dynamic response to an evolving educational landscape. It showcased adaptability, inclusivity, and a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, ultimately strengthening the college's role as an educational institution during challenging times. The college encouraged students to participate actively in the series, giving them opportunities to host webinars, ask questions, and present their research or projects. Furthermore, the college offered flexibility in scheduling to ensure that individuals from different time zones could participate. Recordings of the webinars were made available for those who couldn't attend in real-time. In addition to academic content, the series provided updates on COVID-19-related information, guidelines, and safety measures, helping to keep the college community informed and safe. The college conducted a total of thirty-two webinars over the last two academic years and organized two international conferences in a virtual mode.