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About the Center

The Department, after having recognized as ‘Research Department’ by Kannur University in 2023, offers Ph.D programme in commerce in both full-time and part-time mode to the eligible research aspirants, under strict compliance to the guidelines of Kannur University and the UGC. A Ph.D programme in commerce is a research-intensive academic pursuit that focuses on advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of commerce, business, and related disciplines. The Ph.D programme is designed for individuals who have a strong passion for research, critical thinking, and a desire to contribute to the academic and professional community through original scholarly work, under the guide ship of Recognized Research Supervisors of Kannur University. At present Dr. Siddique K.P and Dr. Siraj. P.P are the recognized Research Supervisors.

Research Facilities

Department Library

Department Library is designed and developed in a way that the reference books are available to Research Scholars, at their conveniences, to ensure maximum support for their research

Research Supervisors

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

Research Publications
Sl.No. Author Details Year Link
1 Dr Shanavas S. M Study on the impact of Information Technology on regional stock exchanges and market capitalization in India, Personal Financial Management 2016 9788190871884
2 Dr. Shanavas S. M A Comparative study on the share price movement of the public and private banking sector companies with reference to NIFTY Bank, International Journal of Management studies. Vol – 5, Issue 5 2018 2249 - 0302
3 Dr. Shanavas S M Comparative study on the Volatility of share price of private and public sector banking companies, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research. Vol 5, Issue 10 2018 2349 - 5162
4 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Managing Knowledge as a strategic investment in human capital, International Journal of Zakir 2016 2454-2938
5 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Emerging Trends in Social Media Marketing in India for Enhancing Brand Equity, International Journal of Advanced Research 2017 2278-7275
6 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Making Human Capital a Source of Competitive Advantage for Educational Institutions, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Research (IJHRMR), Transtellar, Impact Factor JCC 6.97 2018 2249-6874
7 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Examining the Effect of Organisational Culture on High-Performance Work System, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences-IJARMSS, Garph- UK, Impact Factor: 6.94 2018 2278-6236
8 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Engagement, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences-IJARMSS, Greenfield Advanced Research Publishing House- Garph- UK, Impact factor: 7.065 2019 2278-6236
9 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Potential role of knowledge management in strategic human capital investment, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences Garph- UK, 2022 Impact Factor : 7.6200
10 Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Neuromarketing Techniques for Consumer Analytics, in book ‘Marketing Analytics- A machine Learning Approach’, Taylor & Francis, Routledge 2023 9781774910887
11 Dr. Siraj P P Foreign Direct Investment in Telecommunication Sector” POSEIDON, June 2013, Vol.2, No.1, Page No. 163-172 2013 2319-6238
12 Dr. Siraj P. P A study on investor’s attitude towards Stock Market in the Calicut District” POSEIDON, June 2014, Vol.3, No.1 Page No. 47-53 2014 2319-6238
13 Dr. Siraj P P An Empirical study on Wayanad Tourist’s Intensive Struggles and Its Adhoc Measures” POSEIDON, June 2014,Vol.3,No.1, Page No. 89-99 2014 2319-6238
14 Dr. Siraj P P An analytical study on NREGS from Beneficiary’s perspective” POSEIDON, June 2015, Vol.4,No.1, Page No. 86-92 2015 2319-6238
15 Dr. Siraj P. P A statistical comparison of MGNREGA between Kerala and Tamilnadu for the FY 2014-15” June 2015, POSEIDON Vol.4, No.1, Page No. 131-138 2015 2319-6238
16 Dr. Siraj P P Implementation Criticisms & Performance Realities of MGNREGA : A Systematic Review" December 2020, POSEIDON Vol.9, No.2, Page No. 101-112 2020 2319-6238
17 Dr. Siraj P P A Study of Implementation Gap with Special Reference to Kunnummal Block Panchayath, Calicut District, Kerala, India. International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, Vol. 11 | No. 1 | January 2022, Impact Factor: 7.624 2022 2278-6236
Research Scholars
Sl.No. Name Specialization Supervisor Mode Status
1 Maya P. P Marketing Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Full Time Ongoing
2 Muhammed Fazil M. P Marketing Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Full Time Ongoing
3 Anusree C V Marketing Dr. Siraj. P P Full Time Ongoing
4 Sebin George HRM, Talent Management Dr. Siraj P P Part Time Ongoing
5 Ashid Puzhakkal Tourism Management Dr. Siraj P P Part Time Ongoing
6 Sussky A HRM, Work life balance Dr. Siraj P P Part Time Ongoing
7 Faris Rahman N H Commerce Dr Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Full Time Ongoing
8 Thasleema N Commerce Dr Remya Full Time Ongoing
9 Shilpa Vichithran Commerce Dr. Remya Part Time Ongoing
10 Deepthy Joseph Commerce Dr. Remya Part Time Ongoing
11 Jeo Jospeh Commerce Dr. Siddique Kadavathe Peedikayil Part Time Ongoing
PhD Awardees
Sl.No. Name Supervisor Topic Year
Sl.No. Year Type Funding Agency Level Title
Research Projects
Sl.No. Year Faculty Type Funding Agency Grants Status