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Student Adoption

The Student Adoption Scheme is a proactive initiative introduced in our college to enhance academic outcomes and ensure that no student is left behind in their educational journey. Under this program, two exceptionally talented and high-achieving students are paired with each faculty member to receive additional guidance, mentorship, and motivation. This not only facilitates the growth and development of these promising students but also fosters a sense of academic excellence within the institution. Simultaneously, each faculty member is also tasked with providing special care and support to two economically disadvantaged and academically struggling students. This two-pronged approach aims to bridge educational disparities and create an inclusive learning environment, where every student is given the opportunity and resources they need to succeed.

Through the Student Adoption Scheme, our college is dedicated to promoting both academic excellence and social equity, ensuring that all students have access to quality education and a chance to thrive. This initiative not only bolsters the performance of high-achievers but also uplifts those facing challenges, thereby fostering a well-rounded and supportive educational community that prioritizes the success of every student, regardless of their background or circumstances.