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Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden, Hortus Sirsyedicus, is a curated collection of plants that are systematically organized and maintained, documented, and labeled for the purposes of public education, research, conservation, and enjoyment. The major focus of the garden is on the ex situ conservation of rare, endangered, and threatened (RET) medicinal plants of South India. The mission of the Botanical Garden is to promote science education within society and emphasize the significance of flora. Founded 32 years ago within the lush, green landscape of the college campus, it has evolved into an outstanding center for biodiversity and the ex-situ conservation of tropical and exotic plant species. At the entrance on the northern side, visitors are welcomed by a Greenhouse that houses various species of ferns and ornamental plants. The Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden (MPDG) was initiated in 2013 and has now become the largest medicinal plant garden among the colleges affiliated with Kannur University. This garden offers benefits to the entire community and is a point of attraction for local residents. It also serves as an educational resource for students in schools and colleges, helping them understand the importance of medicinal plants found in the region and their role in medicine. More than 200 species are cultivated, and they are arranged in a manner reminiscent of traditional Ayurvedic classifications, including Thriphala, Thrigadu, Nalpamaram, Thriganda, Janmanakshathra Sasyangal, Dashapushpam, and Dashamoolam. The garden also plays a role in conserving wild aroids in India and rare bamboo species. The Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden is funded by the Kerala State Medicinal Plant Board (KSMPB) in Trivandrum, and the Department of Botany is responsible for its maintenance.

Sir Syed College Botanical Garden
Sir Syed College Botanical Garden