Sir Syed College
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It is one of the prominent and oldest departments, which was established in 19/06/1967. Though it was introduced as a department offering Additional Language facility, now grew up into offering both UG and PG level courses. The BA Arabic Language and Literature course was introduced in 1980 and MA Arabic Language and Literature in 2013. The department has been the abode of underprivileged and marginalized section of the society as the students getting admitted to the department belong to the backward community in northern region of Kerala.

The annual intake of the BA Arabic Language and Literature Programme is 48 and MA Arabic Degree is 12. Along with UG and PG Programmes, the department offers additional language courses to BA/B.Sc, B.Com and B.Sc LRP students. The unique feature of the BA Arabic Degree Programme is a DTP course which offers in the Sixth Semester. The course which gives an opportunity to acquire Typing skill both in Arabic and English along with the fundamentals of Office Managing System which enables them to have more job opportunities in and abroad especially in Gulf Countries.

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The Department aims to enhance the comprehensive power of the students in Arabic Language and Literature for the overall development of Intellectual and Linguistic abilities to seek their future internationally.



The Department seeks to provide more educational opportunities to the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society.


  • To foster linguistic diversity and proficiency among students
  • Enhance critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of Arabic language and literature
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of linguistic theories and their practical applications
  • Promote effective communication skills, both written and oral
  • Encourage research and scholararly activities in the field of Linguistics and Arabic studies