Sir Syed College
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iDis Space

IDiS is an open intellectual space within a college campus, situated near the Central Library. This space was constructed by the Alumni, namely Autograph (1985-87 Pre-Degree Batch), and it is a versatile and inclusive environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and intellectual exploration among students, faculty, and alumni of the college. This space is designed to promote various activities and initiatives, enhancing the overall educational experience. It offers a variety of seating options having a comfortable and cool area, provides students and faculty with the flexibility to choose their preferred working and discussion settings. Moreover, the space hosts a range of events, seminars, and workshops, inviting guest speakers and experts to share their knowledge and insights, thus promoting intellectual dialogue. Sustainable design elements, such as energy-efficient lighting and responsible resource use, align with the college's commitment to environmental responsibility. An open intellectual space on a college campus promotes a culture of curiosity, lifelong learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. It encourages students to think critically, explore diverse perspectives, and engage in meaningful discussions, enriching their educational journey beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.