Sir Syed College
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"Aranyakam" is an eco-friendly classroom located within the Botanical Garden, with a seating capacity of 50 students. This open classroom, referred to as a green or sustainable classroom, is thoughtfully designed to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability. The surrounding outdoor areas of Aranyakam are adorned with native plants and green spaces, which not only support local biodiversity but also offer students a direct connection to nature. In addition to its sustainable features, Aranyakam classrooms incorporate environmental education into the curriculum. Students learn about crucial topics like sustainability, conservation, and the significance of protecting the environment. These classrooms not only provide a more sustainable and healthful learning environment but also act as a valuable educational resource, helping students understand and embrace the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Several classes were regularly conducted in this natural place. "Environmental awareness classes, extracurricular activities, tutorial meetings, and gatherings of both students and teachers are regularly conducted in this paradise.