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Forestry Club

The Forestry Club, registered under the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department, dedicates itself to nurturing a profound appreciation for nature education and conservation among students in schools and colleges. This mission is realized through a comprehensive strategy involving the organization of diverse nature conservation activities and immersive nature education camps. These programs function as essential tools for fostering environmental awareness and instilling a profound sense of responsibility towards our natural world. The educational initiatives expose students to the intrinsic value of forests, wildlife, and the fragile ecosystems supporting life on Earth, equipping them with knowledge that encourages them to become stewards of our environment. Through close collaboration with local communities, field trips to natural habitats, and advocacy for sustainable practices, the club endeavors to inspire future generations to integrate conservation into the fabric of their lives.


Wildlife week observation October 2023

"Hello, I am Tiger"
It's an initiative by the students of the Department of Forest ...

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