Sir Syed College
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Village Adoption

The Village Adoption Programme stands as a rare and distinctive initiative of the college, orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of the Social Service Wing, NSS, NCC, Staff Association, Students Union, Retired Teachers Association (ARTS), Alumni and P.T.A. Under this expansive umbrella, the college has undertaken various projects in nearby villages, notably Mayiil, Muyyam, Koonam, Naduvil, among others. A testament to its impact, the institution has constructed six homes for the homeless on the Therlayi Island through the Sneha Bhavan Project. In total, the college has erected 11 homes across villages in the Taliparamba region. Beyond housing, the college conducts diverse awareness programs aimed at the educational empowerment of rural communities. These initiatives encompass continuous learning support, motivational classes, career counseling, psychological support, blood donation camps, and health-related initiatives. Through coordinated efforts across departments, the college strives to organize a myriad of social and educational empowerment programs, positioning the present and next generation for success on both national and international fronts.