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IDis (Intellectual Discourse)

IDis provides a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, challenging established beliefs, and forging new intellectual pathways. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with some of the finest talents in the field of education nationwide. For the past five years, we have been organizing a series of seminars on the premises of Sir Syed College, bringing together scholars and experts from across India and around the world. During these seminars, these distinguished individuals share their insights and innovations within their respective fields of expertise with our academic community. This platform isn't limited to our esteemed guests; it also welcomes teachers and academicians to present their own ideas and educational initiatives. IDis is not just a place for intellectual exchange but also a resource for our teachers to enhance their academic skills. Furthermore, it serves as an avenue for them to publish their research papers in reputable academic and research journals, contributing to the broader academic discourse. Numerous national and international seminar proceedings, each bearing an ISBN number, have been published through a collaborative effort with the Publication Division of Sir Syed College.