Sir Syed College
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Started functioning in 1967 with one faculty member, Prof. Leela N for teaching the Pre-Degree Course. Prof. Ibrhaim Shareef, Prof. T S Salim , Dr V Damodaran and Dr C P Hafsath were appointed in the Department later. Presently, Dr Mohanan V T V, is working as the Faculty member in the Department.



  • To create a vibrant environment for creative writings, translations and critical approaches in Hindi language and Literature.


  • To enrich the literary resources among the students.
  • To develop patriotic culture through the National Language.
  • To be a centre of eminence in teaching and research in Hindi language and Literature as per the vision and guidelines of National Educational Policy-2020


Conducted National Seminars, Conferences, workshops and other Programs

  • ‘ Mass Appeal of Folklore’ in collaboration with Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, on 14 th & 15 th 2010
  • Workshop Cum Orientaion in collaboration withNational Testing Service, CIIL, 17 th -19 th March 2011
  • Translation : The Emergence and Developent of Languages and Literature, in collaboration with SRLC, Mysore, on 15 & 16 th Dec. 2011
  • Distinguished Lecture Series, Talk by Dr M K Abdul Khader, hon. Vice Chancellor, Kannur University, 13 th June 2013
  • Panchayathiraj and Development, National Seminar,in collaboration with KILA, TRISSUR, 31 st Oct 2013
  • Question Item Preparation in Hindi (National Workshop) on 26 th -28 th Aug 2013, in collaboration with National Testing Service-CIIL
  • Hindi Dalit SahityamemNaariVimarshevam Chitran (National Seminar) funded by U G C on 23 rd & 24 th Jan 2014
  • Youth and Local Governments in collaboration with KILA 19 th Jan 2015
  • Making on Local History ;Reflections on Language and Culture, in collaboration with KILA 28 th March 2016.
  • Indian Democracy: Reflections on Decentralisation and Panchayathiraj, in collaboration with KILA on 10 th & 11 th March 2017
  • Hindi Kavitha, workshop on 8 th march 2018.
  • Emerging Trends in Literature, National Seminar on 13 th & 14 th Feb. 2020 in collaboration with Language Departments.