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The Computer Science Department at Sir Syed college was established in 2020 with the aim of imparting cutting-edge knowledge and fostering innovation in the field of computer science and technology.

The Department of Computer Science offers complementary elective course for Bsc Statistics and BMMC. Computer Science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where the latest technologies and trends are the most important topics. The course empowers students to deal with the technicalities and issues with authorized knowledge of databases and analytical skills.

A complementary course could be designed for BSc Statistics students to introduce them to computational tools and programming languages commonly used in data analysis. This course could cover topics such as data manipulation, visualization, and basic programming concepts relevant to statistics.

For BMMC students, a complementary course in computer science could focus on areas like digital media production, web development, or multimedia programming. This would equip BMMC students with technical skills to enhance their abilities in the digital media landscape.

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To be a globally recognized center of excellence in computer science education and research, fostering innovation, collaboration, and ethical leadership for the digital age.



  • Education: To deliver high-quality computer science education that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed for a successful and ethical career in technology.
  • Industry Collaboration: To foster partnerships with industry leaders and startups, ensuring that our programs remain aligned with industry trends and demands.
  • Ethical and Inclusive Computing: To promote ethical practices and diversity in technology, emphasizing social responsibility and equity in the use of computer science.


  • It is one of the prominent and oldest departments
  • Though it was introduced as a department offering Additional Language facility
  • The BA Computer Science Language and Literature course was introduced in 1980 and MA Computer Science Language
  • The department has been the abode of underprivileged and marginalized section of the society
  • The annual intake of the BA Computer Science Language and Literature Programme
  • Along with UG and PG Programmes, the department offers additional language
  • The unique feature of the BA Computer Science Degree Programme is a DTP course which offers in the Sixth Semester
  • The course which gives an opportunity to acquire Typing skill both in Computer Science and English