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OPAC helps the members of the library to locate the documents of their interest by title,author, publisher, keyword, call number, etc. This facility can be accessed from two computer

This center provides various online services, free of cost, to the members. Twenty four systems with the latest hardware configurations, printer and scanner are available.

Access to 6000+ electronic journals (Full Text) and lakhs of books is being provided to the staff and students under this programme of UGC. Individual username and password have been given to faculty members, research scholars and students so that they can utilize this facility in the campus as well as outside.

A digital library cum institutional repository software “Greenstone” has been installed in the server system of the library by which users can have access to digital literature on various subjects taught in this college. Faculty publications, theses, Kannur University question papers, etc are also available online.

Book Bank

  • The Book Bank is a separate section of the college library and contains standard text books of all subjects. They are loaned to financially backward students for a period of one year ending on 31st March.
  • Books will be issued to deserving students recommended by the Heads of Departments. Those who need the books should apply to the librarian with the recommendation of the Head of the Department, the librarian will issue the books on obtaining acknowledgement in the issue register.
  • Generally two text books only will be issued to a student from the book bank.
  • If the book is not returned on the prescribed day, a fine of 1 rupee per day will be levied.
  • A student is allowed to get the same book renewed for second year on 1st June in case it is so recommended by the Head of the Department.
  • Books are to be used with maximum care and there should be no damage or disfigurement. Writing with pencil or ink anywhere in the book is strictly forbidden. If any such thing has been done, the student is liable to replace the book. Books will be received only after page to page scrutiny.

A career corner is functioning in the library with a good collection of books and magazines which will help the students to prepare for various competitive examinations and interviews.High speed internet facility is being provided free of cost, to apply for competitive examinations, jobs, scholarships. etc.

Back volumes of some important journals have been bound and kept in a separate section for reference.

Previous years question papers of Kannur University have been bound and kept in a separate section for reference.

Home lending of books and magazines is being provided to the members. At a time degree students can retain five books, post graduate students - eight books, faculty members - ten books and Non teaching staff - two books.

Important reference books on various subjects, books for competitive examinations, dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, etc are kept here for ready reference.

Newly added books are displayed for one week.

Orientation class and hands-on training are given to newcomers to make them familiar with library facilities, services, searching of documents, etc.

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