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Wildlife week observation October 2023


"Hello, I am Tiger"
It's an initiative by the students of the Department of Forestry, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba to introduce different wild animals and the importance of conserving them to the lower grade students. The initiative was started as part of the world wildlife Week Celebrations 2023.
Mr. Sainath T, a dedicated member of the Forestry Club, conducted an engaging session on "Big Cats" at the Mellontik Montessori House of Children in Taliparamba on 6/10/2023. This educational session provided children with a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of big cats, including their ecology, significance in the ecosystem, and the methods used for their population census.
The session was not only informative but also interactive, allowing the children to actively participate and learn about these majestic creatures. Mr. Sainath T's commitment to wildlife education contributed to raising awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting big cat species. It was a valuable experience that helped instill a sense of environmental responsibility in the young minds of the future.