Sir Syed College
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About the Center
Research Facilities
Research Supervisors
Research Publications
Sl.No. Author Details Year Link
1 Khairunnisa.N.P Proceedings of Two Day International Urdu Webinar-DOCTRINA 16 2022 ISSN
2 Khairunnisa.N.P Sir Syed Ahammed Khan & Urdu Literature ,UGC Care Listed Journal Sabaq e Urdu-Uthar Pradesh 2022 ISSN
Research Scholars
Sl.No. Name Specialization Supervisor Mode Status
PhD Awardees
Sl.No. Name Supervisor Topic Year
Sl.No. Year Type Funding Agency Level Title
1 2018 Workshop i Dis National Creative technics in Urdu Teaching on January 8,2018
2 2019 Two Day Seminar PTA National Emerging Trends in Literature on February 13&14 2020
3 2020 Two Day Webinar i Dis International Doctrina -16 Sir Syed Ahammed Khan & Urdu Literature on October 17,18 2020
Research Projects
Sl.No. Year Faculty Type Funding Agency Grants Status