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About the Conference
Biodiversity is an important natural resource for the functioning of the ecosystem that provides us with benefits essential for human well-being. Studies on faunal diversity, provides a broad view of diversity and the importance of different faunal groups. India harbours as much as 7% of the total animal species of the world, though the Indian landmass is about 2%. In terms of geographical coverage, probably only two- thirds of the total area of the country has so far been explored; the remote islands and other such ecosystems are virtually still unexplored. It is, therefore, likely that the magnitude of faunal diversity in India could be several times more than what is scientifically known today. There is much public concern about threats to global biodiversity. Industrial pollution, changes in agricultural practices, climate change and Human Interference are all having a direct impact on biodiversity. Many species are likely to disappear even before they become known to science. An in- depth knowledge of the different facets of the ecology of animal species is needed to address conservation issues. Considering all these facts, this seminar aims to generate a thorough knowledge on the faunal diversity and the challenges faced by them, by bringing scientists and experts from various fields and to disseminate information to more people and join hands in the conservation measures. The seminar will provide a platform for discussions leading to more scientific attention and awareness towards the faunal diversity of India, which remain unexplored.

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