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Online Certificate Programe for College Faculties

IQAC-SIR SYED COLLEGE Taliparamba-Kannur

Online Certificate Programe for College Faculties
In-Linea: E-Learning and Digital Culture

The global pandemic of corona virus (Covid-19) has literally locked people down in their homes. We can use this as an opportunity to learn some important skills and tools to accelerate career growth. Information is the most critical asset today. It presents what is happening, where, when, and why. An intelligent person not only comprehends and stores information, but develops it into knowledge. If information is the individual pieces, knowledge is the completed puzzle. Knowledge is  generated only when online learners comprehend the subject matter and are able to put the components together.

IQAC, Sir Syed College Taliparamba is conducting ‘In-Linea’ an online programme during covid-19 lock down period for college teachers. It is a questionnaire based on your existing knowledge and expertise in online teaching and learning. Those who answers 60% of the questions correctly are issued online certificates.

There is no fee for the programme.  Kindly open the link: https://forms.gle/CuBFXGe3GF1R5DA96 and answer the questions.

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