Sir Syed College

Taliparamba | Karimbam(PO) | Kannur
Accredited by NAAC ( Cycle-3 ) With 'A'

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Sir Syed College Taliparamba, one of the oldest higher education institutions in Kerala has completed glorious five decades in the forefront of imparting quality education in the state. Sir Syed College, named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University, was established in 1967 by a group of educational visionaries of Kannur under Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA) with the charismatic leadership of Justice Khalid Saheb. The college was started with a noble vision to impart moral and liberal education to the public, especially to the rural and socio economically underprivileged minority sections of North Malabar region. At present the CDMEA is under the magnanimous leadership headed by Adv. P. Mahamood and Janab Mahamood  Allamkulam. The college was started as a Junior College under the University of Kerala. In 1968, it came under the University of Calicut and later under the Kannur University since 1996. Fifty years of determination and excellence has revolutionised education in North Malabar and has brought about cultural, political, economic and social uprising and development to the region. In 2017, the college was reaccredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with A grade in recognition to the academic and research performance, infrastructure facilities and extension activities.

The college was started with 339 students in which only one muslim girl student was enrolled. Now there are more than 1600 students of which 80 percentage are girl students. Almost 46000 students have passed out of the college over the last five decades and are now placed in various capacities around the globe. These well placed global leaders are the greatest asset of the college. The college offers academic programmes from undergraduate to research level in Arts, Science and Commerce streams. Today, the college has 14 under graduate, 5 post graduate, and 2 research departments. The college offers Under Graduate programmes in Botany, Chemistry, Forestry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology, Arabic, Economics, Functional English, History, Malayalam, Digital Marketing, Commerce and Multimedia & Communication. Post Graduate programmes are offered in Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Arabic and Commerce. Sir Syed College is the only institute of its kind offering B.Sc. Forestry programme in Kerala.

The institution, named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, will rise above the others as a guiding star inspiring the next generation to contribute and construct new knowledge and thereby elevate the whole of North Kerala to a global standard.



1967 Pre Degree Courses
1969 B.Sc (Maths), B.Sc (Zool), B.A. (Hist.), B.com.
1974 B.Sc (Botany)
1979 B.A (Arabic)
1980 M.com., B.Sc. (Chemistry)
1981 B.Sc (Statistics)
1982 B.Sc (Physics)
1984 M.Sc (Botany)
1993 B.A. (Economics)
1995 M.Sc (Physics)
1998 B.A. (Functional English)
1999 B.Sc (Forestry)
2001 M.Sc (Chemistry)
2004 Ph.D in Botany
2006 Ph.D in chemistry
2013 M.A. Arabic, B.A. Malayalam

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