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Taliparamba | Karimbam(PO) | Kannur
Accredited by NAAC ( Cycle-3 ) With 'A'

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 Social Service Wing of Sir Syed College aims to accelerate use of scientific knowledge for rural development and overall enhancement of lives and livelihoods of communities near by the college. The team makes use of their knowledge and experience in the management of rural community and effectively utilize the resources for educating a wide range of stake holders including farmers, children and youth. The basic aim is to bring out the potential and caliber of young minds of the society and to guide them to achieve higher goals. Social Service Wing organizes and conducts different educational and training programme for women and school students as well as promoting women’s groups to empower women and children to assure their livelihood and to live their lives self-determined. Social Service Wing mainly focuses on encouragement of organic agriculture for food security at Muyyam Village.


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