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Thinking Bots:Inauguration

The egregious emergence of Covid 19 made a tremendous switch in the life of people all over the world. As a result, schools and colleges were shut down and students were closed in their houses. So, the traditional method of teaching are confined into an online mode of teaching. In this dreadful situation, the first year students of Statistics department of Sir Syed College has organised an online meeting sessions named ' Thinking Bots'.
The students were divided into different groups and each group will present a session on every Saturday. The inauguration of the program was held on 13th June 2021 by the college principal Dr. Ismail Olayikkara. The ceremony was enhanced by the presence of Statistics HOD Mashuda Kauser, Assistant Professor Mansoor NK , and other teachers of the department. 'Thinking Bots' is a skill development program which covers Entrance exam questions discussion, Communicative English classes and much more which would lend a hand to the students. The classes will be conducted 1 hour on every Saturday in the guidance of Mansoor N K. Two groups has already discussed few standard questions based on the first semester Statistics syllabus. It really helped the students to comprehend the syllabus and an experience to solve interesting questions from it. Remaining groups will discuss the questions in the coming Saturdays and will be continued by various sessions on different topics.
This array of live sessions would bring forth the students to come up with doubts and also to acquire keen knowledge on various matters.

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