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IDis-19 Intellectual Discourses

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man"- Heraclitus

The world around us is ever expanding. The ideas that shape the world also undergo changes from time to time. The epistemological realms are constantly being revisited with fresh insights and newer perspectives. Relentless explorations in all fields of knowledge transform our understanding and urge us to rethink the existing patterns of lives. Dialogues enable us to consciously engage with the new modes of enquiries that design the contemporary. IDis offers a platform for exchanging ideas, dismantling preconceived notions and constructing new pathways in the intellectual terrains. IDis offers you an opportunity to interact with the best talent in the educational arena of the nation. Over a period of one year, a series of seminars will be organized in Sir Syed College campus. Scholars and experts from different parts India and abroad will be invited. They will exchange their vision and innovation in their respective fields of knowledge to their peers in our campus. Teachers and academicians have a chance to present their own ideas and academic initiatives. The IDis platform will help our teachers to update their academic skills and also give them an opportunity to publish their papers in academic and research journals.


About Conference Education provides human beings fresh insights and newer perspectives that enable them to redesign the existing patterns of lives. Teaching is not a mere exchange of knowledge, it is aimed at the all round development of learners. Learner's mind is not a tabula rasa that needs to be filled by the teachers. In the digital era, drastic changes have taken place in the attitude, approach and aims of the learners. The advent of internet opened up plethora of opportunities to access information for the learners and they no longer require teachers to perform this task. Teaching in the information era needs to be addressed from a different perspective. Teachers need to consider the emotional realm of the learners while imparting knowledge. The teachers who are hesitant to embrace novel teaching techniques and reluctant to employ technology in their class rooms may be rejected by the learners. They need to equip themselves in adapting to technology. The higher education sector prepares learners to secure jobs and they become technocrats rather than scholars. This also poses concerns in the academia. This conference attempts to address some of these concerns and also interrogates the role of a teacher in the digital era. It also explores effective and innovative teaching techniques, the best practices in teaching and various similar themes.


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