Clubs and Forums



The aim of the Cultural Forum is to organise, encourage and promote the talents among the students viz: fine arts, debate, quiz etc. Rolling trophy and cash awards for the winners in the Kannur University Inter Collegiate Elocution Competition in Malayalam and English were instituted by the cultural forum in honour of Late V.P. Mahamood Haji, the former Secretary of CDM EA. Mr. V.P. Abdulla Kutty, Associate Professor in Physics is the co-ordinator of the forum.


There are different clubs functioning actively in the college such as Nature club, Farm club, Forestry club, Film club, Boomithra club, Photography club, English Language club, Hindi club, Tourism club, and Entrepreneurship club etc., to promote the interests of the students in various activities by conducting different programmes. Each club is co-ordinated by an expert teacher in the concerned field.


A Science Forum is functioning in the College. Dr. T.U. Abdul Jabbar, Department of Zoology is the co-ordinator of the forum.


Arts Forum is constituted to motivate, encourage and prepare the students to take part in various levels of competitions.


Various Club Activities


Environmental education has become an inevitable tool in creating awareness on imperatives of environmental sustainability. Bhoomitra Sena Club an idea 
conceived by Directorate of Environment & Climate Change under Department of Environment and Climate Change serves this purpose. Agencies like Kerala 
State Pollution Control Board, Kerala State Biodiversity Board and Kerala Suchitwa Mission extend support to this programme. The Bhoomithra Sena club 
of  Sir Syed College is aimed at encouraging college students to appreciate the environment and to react positively to environmental issues. The club organizes Seminars, Debates, Lectures and talks on environmental issues. It also arranges visits to Wildlife Park, environmentally degrading areas etc. Bhoomitra Sena Club is conserving various sacred groves and traditional ponds of Kannur districts. Convener: Dr. Sreeja P., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany.

 Harithakam Farm Club

The main aim of the Farm club is to create awareness among the younger generation on agricultural and farming practices. Harithakam Farm Club offers opportunities for social cohesion and for building agricultural sustainability in the campus. The students are motivated to develop an eco-friendly attitude to preserve and conserve our invaluable legacy. The club encourages the students in vegetable cultivation during summer and monsoon seasons. Convener: Dr. Abdussalam A.K., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany.


Forestry Club

Forestry club promotes a spirit of companionship among students within the College of Natural Resources and Environment. The primary function of the club is to provide opportunities for interaction between different majors within the forestry profession and promoting student interaction and activities with regard to nature and natural resources. The club organizes and sponsors numerous intercollegiate events, field trips and nature camp. Convener: Aneesh. K.S. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Forestry.


Tourism Club

The tourism club is intended to generate more attention towards tourism and its developmental efforts and to create awareness about the socio-economic relevance of tourism for the development of the State. The club organizes tours,study trips, seminars, discussion, live performances and training sessions to 
keep its members abreast of the numerous organizations and departments related to tourism. Convener: Hydarali A., Assistant Professor, Dept. of History.

 Hindi Club

Main aim of the Hindi club is to create interest in the student for language, to make their creativity in oral and writing. Important activities are celebrate important days, programs for  enrichment of Hindi language,  Poetry recitation, speech, essay writing, skits, quiz ,debates etc. Convener: Dr. V.T.V. Mohanan. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi.



Entrepreneurship is a major input in the economic development of our country especially in this era of globalization. Entrepreneurship club aims to provide 
a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with entrepreneurs and share ideas. ED Club shows the way to the educated 
potential youths to identify a suitable way of life through self employment. Convener: Mrs. Suhra Kovvammal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce.

 Film Club

Motion pictures being one of the most influential media for the up-liftment  of socio-cultural status of the society, it requires special focus in finding growing 
talents of this field. Sir Syed college film club was started with this view. The club conducts film related awareness among its members and conducts seminars, 
competitions, workshops, film screening etc. Film club helps students to make short films, too give training in direction, scrip writing, to create awareness and 
provide training in the new trends in film making, to screen world classics and evaluate them critically and conduct film festivals IFFS annually. Convener: 
G.D. Mashuda  Kauser, Associate Professor, Dept. of Statistics.



Media  Club of Sir  Syed College is a folk  that brings together like minded students and teachers who have a keen interest in print media, radio,photography, cinema and new media. The vision of this club is to act as a catalyst in transforming every student into a better individual. Interactions between top media-film personalities and students are actualized through Media Club of Sir Syed. Those who wish to make a career switch into industry gain a deeper understanding of the media through workshops and interactive sessions conducted by the club. Convener: V.H. Nishad.